Chicken Nugs and Mama Hugs-Toddler Tee

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Toddler Chicken Nugs & Mama Hugs Tee:

Indulge your little one's taste for comfort and cuteness with our Toddler Staple Tee by Bella + Canvas 3001T. This adorable tee showcases their love for all things delicious and heartwarming, featuring the playful phrase "Chicken Nugs and Mama Hugs". Crafted with care from soft, high-quality fabric, it ensures both style and coziness. Whether they're enjoying their favorite meal or seeking comfort in mama's embrace, this tee captures those precious moments. Let your toddler's personality shine while celebrating the joy of simple pleasures and endless cuddles. With every wear, they'll spread smiles and warmth in this charming staple tee.

Size guide

2T 12 15 ½ 30-33 92 2
3T 13 16 ½ 33-36 98 3
4T 14 17 ½ 36-40 104 4
5T 15 18 ½ 40-45 110 5