LCD Drawing tablet

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"I'm bored......." is heard all too often on a rainy camping weekend when the little ones are tired of hanging out in the tent with nothing to dol  Well this is just what you are looking for!  This will keep your kids busy and also encourage their creativity. Or perhaps you just need something to write your to-do list-on at home or work?  

Whatever it is, here's an environmentally-friendly solution. You can even stick it up on your fridge!

  • Radiation-safe screen without glare to better protect your eyes
  • Easy to use with a one-touch erase button to clear up the screen, allowing you to write more than 100,000 times - save around 5 big trees!
  • Stylus markings come out as green against a black background for easy readability
  • Writing thickness depends on how hard you push on the screen so it feels just like writing on paper with a pen or pencil!
  • The perfect tool to foster creativity, early writing, and drawing skills in kids
  • Ultra-thin and lightweight so you can take it everywhere - Camping, around the house, school, office, or car