Hold My Juice Box-Toddler Tee

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Introducing our Toddler Staple Tee by Bella + Canvas 3001T that will have everyone chuckling. This hilarious tee says "Hold My Juice Box" because our little ones mean business. Made with soft and durable fabric, this tee is perfect for energetic toddlers on the move. Whether they're conquering the playground or exploring the living room, this shirt adds a dash of comedic confidence to their tiny stature. So, get ready for laughter and adorable moments as your little one struts their stuff, declaring their need for support while they conquer the world, one juice box at a time. Cheers to endless giggles and memorable juice-fueled adventures!

Size guide

2T 12 15 ½ 30-33 92 2
3T 13 16 ½ 33-36 98 3
4T 14 17 ½ 36-40 104 4
5T 15 18 ½ 40-45 110 5